Spreadable Gin Is Now A Thing That People Are Eating On Toast

Too far, or not far enough?

Spred Gin Toast

When my future grandchildren ask me about 2018, I won’t tell them about that summer. Or the Beast From The East. Or even the Royal Wedding.

I’ll tell them that 2018 was the year that the world went fucking mental for gin. Maybe not in those words…

Spreadable Gin

It has now reached the dizzying heights of becoming an edible spreadable that people are lathering on toast.

And in cakes.

In cucumber sandwiches (apparently).

And - let’s face it - straight out the jar…

Whilst it may sounds like the perfect way to hair the dog, in reality the alcohol is cooked off during the creation process.

Which means…. you can now smash a big dollop of gin first thing before you head to work!

We have the legends over at Firebox to thank for this wonderful addition to our cupboards.

Check it out here.

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