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Ryanair’s New Controversial Baggage Policy May Be Changed Due To ‘Handling Issues’

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All of us collectively lost our shit when Ryanair announced at the start of the year that anyone travelling on a flight and not willing to pay Priority would no longer be able to bring a second carry-on bag with them onto the aircraft. 

Into the hold it goes! Good news for people who complained about never having space to stow their bag, bad news for people who complain about waiting at the baggage carousel. 

But (and there’s always a ‘but’ with Ryanair), it miiiight just change. 

Speaking in a video presentation this week, Ryanair management said that although they’ve received feedback from customers who welcome the change, the new baggage rules have created a handling issue and may need to ‘be looked at’.

“Although it is creating a handling issue, particularly at peak periods. Bank holiday weekends, summer peak periods. There are now many flights where we’re now having to put 100, 120 gate bags free of charge into the hold,” Michael O’Leary said.

“So if that continues to build it’s something we may have to look at again but there is no doubt both the feedback from the cabin crew and customers is that no one is struggling to find space on board in the bins or under the seats when they board the aircraft, which is good.”

Currently, only Priority Boarding customers (including Plus, Flexi Plus & Family Plus) are allowed to bring two carry-on bags on the aircraft. 

All other (i.e. non-priority) customers are only allowed to bring one smaller carry-on bag on board the aircraft, while their second (bigger) wheelie bag must be placed in the hold (free of charge) at the boarding gate from. 

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