5 Must-Try Indoor Fitness Classes In Manchester

Don't glue yourself to the couch...


Let's face it, the weather has been truly grim of late, making the thought of all those late-night kickabouts, runs around the canal and tennis matches seem pretty grim. But that doesn’t mean we have to be glued to our couches full-time, no, no, no… 

So here's your guide to some of the ‘must-try’ exercise classes to get out of hibernation and ready to workout…

Bikram Yoga

Get out of the cold and into the 40 degree heat!

That’s not a joke, Bikram Yoga takes place in 40 degree heat that combines breathing exercises with a unique series of 26 posture poses which aim to strengthen your core and stretch every inch of your body inside and out. It’s a 90 minute class, which may seem like a dauntingly long amount of time to be hot under the collar, but the purpose of it is to make you more flexible and flush oxygenated blood around the whole body. 

A very friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere welcoming for beginners and new starters with instructors who talk you through every exercise throughout the class.  I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t easy – adapting to the heat whilst completing the stretches is very challenging but you’re encouraged to take some time out and focus on your breathing if you feel dizzy – which is entirely normal during the first class. I would recommend you wearing non-heavy clothing as you will come out drenched in sweat but you will also come out feeling revitalised, full of energy and definitely accomplished.

Good to know

£1.00 charges for mat and towel, and you need a locker coin or £1.00 coin for valuables locker.
Classes 7 days a week from 6.45am-7.15pm
51 Church Street, Manchester, M4 1PD

Ariel Yoga, Ariel Pilates, Flying Fitness, Ariel Stretch

A whole range of circus inspired fun right on your door step.

Hidden away on St Thomas’s Street in the Northern Quarter, this class will push your core, flexibility, strength and your nerve. Think yoga and Pilates for the adventurous! During the class you work entirely with a silky hammock to produce poses off the floor relying entirely on the prop. I promise you, it will always hold your weight- you just have to learn to trust it. Like any good relationship, once the initial trust issues are over, you’ll work together just fine! And during every session you’ll get better and it will get easier.


Body Barre

Body barre is a great class to go to with a group of friends and almost feels a little bit naughty when you enter the dark burlesque-bar surroundings.  But do not be intimidated by this, the class is incredibly laid back and is entirely focused on the needs of those attending. There are a range of classes on offer but the purpose of the hammock is to allow you to make deeper and more profound stretches that will leave you toned, more flexible and is also beneficial for those who suffer regular back pain.

Good to know

Classes: Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings


35-37 Thomas St, Manchester, Northern Quarter, M4 1NA

Jump Nation

An entire jumping nation, literally!

Jump Nation is a giant trampolining park that will literally have you bouncing off the walls! You may think it’s just for children’s parties but it definitely is not. There are a range of fitness classes available that target multiple audiences all ready to bring out the kid in you whilst burning tons of calories. It’s is a great way to tone and improve fitness with an instructor that leads you through the routines to energetic music for about an hour. 

Good to know

Classes every Monday-Wednesday evening


Trafford Park, Textilose Rd, Manchester M17 1WA

Spin Factory

A great way to take to the road without actually having to take to the road.

A dedicated spinning gym that provides an intense spinning experience that gets you working every muscle in the body. It combines endurance with speed to give you a high powered interval workout on a spinning bike. You will leave sweaty, feeling strong and powerful but warning your legs will burn. Motivating music is played throughout with instructors also there to push you to the maximum. If you’re new to spinning you will be talked through how to set up the bike and with clear instructions and demonstrations given throughout. 

Spin Factory is fast-paced, loud and has a range of classes to test you in every way – they are at convenient times so you can visit before work, on a lunch break or afterwards. There are two locations for these spinning dedicated gyms as mentioned below.

Good to know

Spinning timetable online for classes 7 days a week


Manchester Airport: Castle Hill Court, Mill Lane, Ashley, WA15 ORE

City Centre: New Bailey Street, Manchester, M3 5FS

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