You Can Now Get Married In Wetherspoons And It's Cheap As Chips

We all know someone who'd love this


If Spoon's did weddings...

You'd probably have toothless Uncle Kev propping up the bar.
It'd be hard to find bridesmaids dresses that don't clash with the carpet.
Aunt Bev, rat-arsed before lunch, would trip on the cobbles outside in her heels.

But best of alll, it would be super cheap!

Sound like your dream wedding?

Well your dreams are just about to come true.

Spoon's are offering happy couples an all-inclusive wedding package for the big day. It includes a three course meal for 100 guests, as well as table decorations and a DJ- all for £3,000!

Considering the average cost of a UK wedding these days is a whopping £28,000- that's some mega deal. And let's not forget the 3 for £5 Jagerbombs flowing all night long!

Unfortunately, only one Wetherspoons pub has the necessary license to be a wedding venue - The Knights Templar pub in London. Who knows? Maybe Spoon's in Manchester will soon follow suit...

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