8 Things You Should Never EVER Do On A Night Out In Manchester

Let this be your warning for tonight...

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1. Expose yourself on the Met

It's just not a smart move, folks.

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2. Get an Uber home

Not unless you're planning on living on beans on toast for the next few months...

3. Buy a cocktail

Unless it's a pitcher from Spoons, cocktails in this city are getting hellish expensive.

In fact Cloud 23's sharing cocktail will set you back about 30 quid these days. We feel dizzy just thinking about it...

Try pre-drinking – a form of relaxing revelry invented by university students since university began...

4. Forget a jacket

It's worth the £2 cloakroom charge, trust us, especially when, let's face it, half the night is going to be spent either queueing outside Schloss or wandering the streets post-club trying to find a decent kebab.

5. Go anywhere close to Piccadilly Gardens

Must you really ask?!


6. Miss out Crazy Pedros

It's open until 3am every night of the week (say whhhaaa?!) AND it serves pizza til that time too!

The dream.

Think allll the craziest toppings - this place is true to its name - so you can enjoy a chicken and waffle slice or a mac daddy whilst getting your groove on.


7. Think you're too good for The Font

The Font is too good for you, my friend.

This place may not be full of wannabe WAGS, but that's exactly why we like it, and remember what we said earlier about cocktail prices?

This place sells them for an average of £2-3 - and yes, they are actually alcoholic.

8. Assume you can just 'wing it'

Technically you can of course, but the savvy among us will know that a little pre-planning doesn't go amiss on a night out in Manchester.

There are tons of happy hour deals to take advantage of in the city - you just have to know where to look - meaning you'll have more dosh to spend on hangover food later.

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