6 Essential Tips For Coping With The Family On Christmas Day

The most wonderful time of the year?..


Christmas - a time for friends and family. And a time that tests even the most saintly of patiences...

On an already stressful day, it's easy to forget what's important. So here are our tips for dealing with the loved ones this festive season...


1. Drink and be merry!

This is the one time of the year where intoxicated slurs are most likely to be laughed off in the presence of family. And hey, who knows, the in-laws might even see you for the hilarious comedian that you are.


2. Be prepared

The truth is - Christmas is rarely going to run smoothly or without a hitch. So being as prepared as possible before the big day is essential if you're to avoid any unnecessary mishaps, leaving more time for number one on our list. 

Get the veggies sliced in advance, presents wrapped early and the bird in the oven first thing in the morning, and you'll be fine. We swear...


3. Take the family for a pub jolly

Local pubs are always a lovely warm place on Christmas day and provide an excellent opportunity to get away from the house where everyone's standing on eachother's toes (metaphorically and literally.) 

Alternatively send everyone else to the pub whilst you get on with the dinner (always a good trick!)


4. Crack out the Christmas films

Keep the kids quiet and enjoy a nostalgic movie with a box of Celebrations. We recommend Elf or Home Alone, you can't argue with the classics. 

Eye Roll

5. Have your answers ready

Be ready for the most mundane and generic questions. If you've finished a degree, you're going to get asked why you picked it. Be prepared to have your life choices scrutinised by a slightly drunken uncle, just remember it's nothing personal and breathe. 

Other predictable questions are likely to include "haven't you grown?!" but god help you if you've put on a bit of timber...


6. Perfect the "this is just what I wanted" gift face 

Some presents are better than others, and as you get older you've really got to come to terms with the fact that you'll probably find 90% socks and deodorant sets under the tree.

Try and act excited about it. Just think, you can always recycle for birthdays...

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