This Manchester Graffiti Is Igniting Social Change In Our City Right Now

The depth, the feeling, the colourful passion and the grunge - this is Manchester

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There are a lot of graffiti spots in this city, all claiming to be the quirkiest, the most colourful, in the most unusual spot - and all the rest. But which ones are actually having an impact on our lives?

These top picks, all photographed by Manchester's own Richard Crisp, are inspiring poignant (and tangible) social change across the city.

By pointing out uncomfortable environmental issues

Not just in Manchester, but artist Martin Watson's Norway piece on Faraday Street reminds us of the environmental issues we create, face (and often ignore) everyday in all cities across the world.


Underneath these stickers is Manchester's only Banksy

See that wooden board covered in stickers right there? That's a genuine Banksy that's been covered up for years. The four sides of these walls are now regularly blessed with paintings from Manchester's well-known street artists.

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There's a place for everyone here

Lesser-known artists can also showcase their work. Manchester artist Akse p19 recently created this beautiful Prince portrait in the Northern Quarter for the people of Manchester to oggle!


Manchester appreciates the Literary Greats

This stunner comes from Polish artist Tank Petrol who lives in Manchester. The image is of Anthony Burgess, the author of 1962 dystopian novel Clockwork Orange and can be found next to Hyuro's work (pictured below) also at Brightwell Walk car park.


We're reminded that the undiscovered can be beautiful

A Rondin Road work created in 2014, this is closed off to the public but it's a fantastic place for graffiti, should you ever be lucky enough to find it open...


...And that 'beautiful' has no true definition

This artsy grunge medley can be found on Medlock Street's underground tunnels at Mancunian Way.


Free = possibility (it's a word many of us take for granted, after all)

You'll find this etched on an abandoned building in the city centre next to River Medlock, just off Oxford Road. The only way to see it in its full glory is if you're riding on the high-level train tracks (not advised unless comfortably seated ON a train, of course.)


#freeyourmind #Manchester #graffiti

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Phlegm reminds us not to become a bottleneck to our own lives - by forsaking the rest of the world

A true corker from artist Phlegm who's well-known for his detailed illustrations all over London. This work can be found on the side of Swans Buildings on Cable Street. The self-sustaining city in a bottle with a blank exterior world is a fascinating image but Phlegm is famously tight-lipped about the meaning (I'm an English Lit grad so I would happily analyse the hell out of that metaphor all day long....yes, I'm also a little sad.)


Hyuro gives lost innocence a voice

This wall, which you can find at Brightwell Walk car park, Nothern Quarter, is by artist Hyuro.

Highlighting the armed conflict and violence that affects the lives of children around the world - it also alludes to the less direct consequence of displacement and loneliness, which is felt by many in the city today.


We're reminded of the humorous beauty that sometimes comes with accidents

(accidentally fenced off.)


The mark of inequality

Inking unforgivable acts in unforgiving permanence. Artist Picasa in Manchester created this tribute as a permanent feature of Manchester's Northern Quarter. It depicts 18-year-old Michael Brown who was shot down by police in Ferguson Missouri, St Louis for the colour of his skin.


Witness the rainbow of colour that is passion

This lesser know piece was snapped by photographer Richard Crisp on a side garage in Ardwick on Rondlin Road.


And finally - we're reminded that with rivalry comes unity

Much lesser-known and found on the road that leads to the United ground, under a bridge near Salford Keys.


And in that unity lies our strength

Seen a Manchester-based graffiti work that you think deserves a mention? 

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