This Manchester Yoga Garden Is The Most Tranquil Refuge On Earth

Escape the Winter frost...

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Between thundersnow and major travel disruptions, it's been a tough week so far in Manchester.

So breathe in, and breathe out.

What better way to take your mind off it all meditate like you're a character out of Eat, Pray, Love.

Or to get fit – it serves both purposes and that’s why we love it!

It’s become something of a trend recently, so here are the best places in the city where you can kick back and relax (or work up a gym-bunny sweat.)

1. Ply

Escape the city and view Manchester from the rooftops during this yoga session. The Vinyasa Flow Yoga (a more fast-paced yoga where movement is linked to breathing) is taught on the rooftop garden above Ply in Stevenson Square, in the Northern Quarter. Take inspiration from the stunning views during these regular evening sessions run by Cariad Yoga.

2. The Wonder Inn

Gin and yoga – the perfect mix! YinB4Gin at The Wonder Inn is also run by Cariad Yoga and the regular sessions of Yin-Yang Vinyasa Flow Yoga (a balance between movement and slow stretches) comes before having a cheeky G&T or healthy green juice with the yoga class. You can’t go wrong really!

3. Australasia

You know Australasia, the Asian Fusion restaurant in Spinningfields? The door is in a triangular glass entrance? Well yeah, they do yoga too! The group regularly meets on the restaurant’s terrace for an hour-long Sunrise Yoga Session of barrecore yoga – movements using a ballet barre, your body weight and isometric exercises to stretch every muscle group. 

4. Victoria Warehouse

Imagine doing yoga in a 20th century warehouse. Well, Manchester is the place to do it! Victoria Warehouse holds regular sessions inside its tranquil Yoga Studio, home to Manchester Yoga Central. They offer around 13 different types of yoga, each with their own unique benefits. From Mysore Style Yoga which builds strength, stability and flexibility, to Kundalini Yoga which teaches the art of relaxation, self-healing and mental elevation. They have it all!

5. Gorilla

Fancy doing yoga down at your local club? And I mean a bar, not a sports club! Gorilla hosts lunchtime yoga classes for an hour every Tuesday and they cater for all abilities. They even have the chefs cook up some extra healthy grub and give yoga class goers 20% off food – not bad!

6. Bikram Yoga Studio

Found in the Northern Quarter, they call themselves ‘the one and only original 'Hot Yoga'’. What is Hot Yoga, I hear you ask? Well, its 90 minutes of yoga practised in a room heated to around 40 degrees. Sound awful? Well the heat actually gives you greater flexibility, burns fat more effectively and improves strength. Just what I need!

7. Ziferblat

Ziferblat on Edge Street is one of the hippest joints in the Northern Quarter. And everything's free but the time you spend there. They charge 6p per minute, so you can help yourself to the coffee, cake and alll the rest. 

You do have to pay for their yoga sessions, but there’s no reason why you can’t hang around for a brew afterwards. Ziferblat include free snacks and drinks in the price after all.Their evening Ashtanga Yoga class (a dynamic breed of yoga which builds strength, stability and flexibility) lasts just over an hour and suits all abilities.

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