This Insanely Cool Northern Quarter Bar Has LEGO At The Tables

Get stuck in over a pint


Who says lego is just for the tots?

The Koffee Pot's Sam Dunwoodie has created a Koffee Pot Lego Club to enjoy whilst having a pint!

"It all came about as I love lego and I was bored of playing jenga and the others in pubs, so I thought this was a much more creative thing to do whilst having a pint!" he says.

Can't argue with that.

"Its on each week and every week we have a different theme. The 2nd Mays theme coming up is 'Space.'"

Catch Lego Club from 6pm on Tuesdays at The Koffee Pot on Oldham Street - the guys simply "dump" (their words, not ours) 3 huge boxes of the stuff out on to the tables and wait for people to turn up - usually amassing around 40-50 customers on the nights which are quickly growing in popularity!

Plus, at the end of the month the creation with the most likes on Instagram (with the hashtag #kplegoclub) receives a prize - sounds like fun!

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