This Amazing Fancy Dress Shop Is Packed With Zombie Make Up And More - And It Could Be Yours

It'll make Halloween easy

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If you've ever scrambled for a dress-up costume for an impromptu 1970s party, this sale could be for you.

With racks and racks of jokes, wigs, funny costumes, glitzy outfits and even the odd gorilla mask, the Stage Door is the dream for kids everywhere.

You can even do yourself up like something from The Walking Dead if you like.

The Stage Door stocks fake money, harmless bangers and even whoopee cushions - harking back to childhoods of the past.

But the fancy dress and joke shop is now going on the property market after its owner decided to retire from the retail business.

Grandmother Pat Walsh opened the shop in a property on Little Underbank in Stockport a whole 45 years ago.

It cost her £200 - but the investment in the area has brought priceless memories for many from Stockport.

Now 72, the owner may be ready to leave behind her four-floor box of tricks, but she told the Manchester Evening News that her mum used to sell jokes and bits and bobs in her bric-a-brac shop, which used to be on Tib Street.

When she couldn’t keep up with demand, Pat moved the concern to Stockport.

There's been no news yet on where you can snap up this incredible trove of fun, but perhaps a visit to the amazing venue is in order.

After all, we all love being big kids again.

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