The Manchester Art That's Repainting The World

Recognise anyone? Leo DiCaprio was one of many showcased at Wellington House Art Jam


Wellington House Art Jam is only in its third year, but its gloried gates opened on Sunday to a swarm of over 50 graffiti artists from all over the world - all coming to transform the site with their own works of art.

The free event in Wellington Mill, Ancoats focuses on independent craftsmen and women, artists, musicians and entrepreneurs looking to build (or often re-build) something from their unique talents and creativity.

Tank Petrol

Naturally Manchester's treasured diamond-in-the-rough was the true showstopper as he showcased this stunning piece.



Blackpool-born Seca_one joined the show to display his globally-renowned street artistry. This arresting piece of the Dark Joker caused a hell of a lot of murmurs, and it's easy to see why...


Rocket 01

Launching us into new stratospheres with his stunning depiction of a maritime Leonardo DiCaprio, graffiti and street artist (known only as Rocket 01) has also recently premiered his works in Brixton and Bristol.


Jay Sharples

A master of all things abstract and a key figure behind the event itself (along with Mantra - also featured below) Jay Sharples vibrant piece was a mosaic of colour and a real attention-grabber amidst this background of grey.


Nomad clan

A collective duo of partners - Cbloxx from Yorkshire and manc-made AYLO joined forces to create these pipe-smoking, bad-ass bees.


Akse P19

This work of art was created as part of the #psychopathsproject by Akse P19 - the artist responsible for many of the great murals you can see around Manchester's city centre (he's been in the graffiti business since 1992.)


Edward Shearon

London-based artist Edward Shearon really had his audience Thinking Out Loud with this colourful mosaic of mastery.


Mila K

Sheffield 'Street Kreep and Vector Terrorist' Mila K explores his common theme of love, life and loss with this recent addition.

His art and his work is 'best witnessed in the hollow shells of factories and derelicts' (that's from the horses own mouth.)


Manchester's Kelzo

He rose to fame in the 80s and remains a big player on the hip-hop scene. Manc-made Kelzo also helps to arrange art events like Wellington House Art Jam in Manchester and the rest of the UK.



Scotland-born Minto caused a real stir with his power-hungry depiction of a bird-like creature. His work is famed for both assaulting and arresting the senses...


Danny O'Connor (a.k.a DOC)

Liverpool born-and-bred Danny O'Connor's piece was the catch of the day. The painter has exhibited alongside some of the world's leading Urban artists including Banksy and Adam Neate in galleries and shows across the UK.

He describes his work as 'a celebration of contrasts.'


Lone survivor

Taken at last year's Art Jam and also created by DOC, this piece is still there this year and intriguingly, was never covered over...


Mantra live

Mantra host the event with the aim of creating a space for as wide a variety of people as possible to showcase their talents in a unique and engaging environment.


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All photographic credit goes to the wonderful Richard Crisp.

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