These Incredible Images Show Vacuum-Packed Couples - And They're Pretty Dangerous

All the air is sucked out of their wrapping

Miho And Ritsu 4

These unique shots show vacuum-sealed couples - with all of the air sucked out of their wrapping for the shots.

Photographer Hal Kawaguchi says that his series of photographs is a study of romance, as lovers are enshrined together with nothing between them, not even oxygen - meaning he has to work fast.

Yuya And Ritsuko 2
Kenta And Aki 2
Eike And Melanie 2

The images are part of a series he has called Flesh Love  - and he has since added a second project, Flesh Love Returns.

He says the images, snapped of people he approached in public, typify a couples' desire to "become one".

"I'm sure that many people initially think of my proposal as unusual or even look through me like I am completely invisible, but I always push forward with my challenge to them," he writes on his website.

Nobuyuki And Chiemi 2
Kohmey And Keiko 2
Marijnjte And Jaap 2

Sucking the air out with a vacuum cleaner, Hal then has four seconds to capture the perfect shot.

Models have included musicians, dancers, strippers, labourers, restaurant and bar managers, photographers and businessmen and women.

"As a couple, I have photographed a wide variety of variables which include being young and old, from the same or opposite sex, of different race, having different styles, girls from the north and men from the south and many others who have been willing to participate.

"There was even a couple who married soon after one event, and it all began in a bathtub!"

Johnnie And Kafka 2
Kaede And Attci 2
Jon And Evelyne 2

Since his first series, Hal is now shooting the couples in their most important places.

"Some couples choose their own room, some choose the workplace where they first met, and some choose a restaurant where they had a date for the first time.

"Two people were packed perfectly in their best place," he explains - without even air between them.

Calling it the "ultimate substantial portrait", Hall - who is based in Tokyo - adds: "The couple is required to determine to have the love as well as death."

So far, Hal has shot in Netherlands, Belgium, Hong Kong and Japan, while couples from the United States, Australia and Germany have visited him in Tokyo to be his models.

Working on the project for two and a half years he says he has faith in the process, adding: "Someday, I hope to find my love, and together be in vacuum-sealed bag to be 'Flesh Love Returns' too."

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