19 Photos Which Prove That Manchester In Autumn Is The Most Gorgeous Place On Earth

The most stunning season of all?

Stalybridge Cheetham Park 5

While many lament the warm weather leaving us and the days getting shorter, there is undeniably an innate beauty that descends on Manchester during Autumn. 

As a show of respect to the golden season, we wanted to showcase the best of it in Manchester - the changing colours, gorgeous scenery and the city getting ready for winter. 

If you have any photos for us do share (we don't bite - promise) the below were lovingly snapped by Rich Crisp.

Autumnal sunset overlooking Manchester

Autumn Sunset Looking Over Manc

Cheetham Park, Stalybridge

A Victorian park more commonly known as Elizabeth Street Park - Cheetham Park is situated in Stalybridge in North Manchester. Over recent years it has been somewhat neglected but this autumn afternoon certainly proved how beautiful it could be, even when lacking a little TLC.

Stalybridge Cheetham Park 5
Stalybridge Cheetham Park 6
Stalybridge Cheetham Park 7
Stalybridge Cheetham Park 8
Stalybridge Cheetham Park 9

The sunset from Hyde's Werneth Low Country Park

The country park extends for 200 acres across the Northern and Western slopes of Werneth Low. Only 9 miles from the city centre, the area is an outer haven providing panoramic views. The dark blue silhouette of the Welsh mountains can often be seen on clear days, as can the Pennine hills which are close by.

Sunset From Hyde Wenthlow Country Park 4
Sunset From Hyde Wenthlow Country Park

Tame Valley, Denton

Looking forward to a lazy Sunday? Enjoy a nine mile undulating walk through the countryside and heritage of the Tame Valley between Hyde and Denton.

Tamevalley Denton 2
Tamevalley Denton 3
Tamevalley Denton 4
Tamevalley Denton 5
Tamevalley Denton Horses
Tamevalley Denton

Vernon Park, Stockport

This is the oldest country park in Stockport and now contains a Vernon Park Museum, take an autumnal stroll through the trees, in and among the golden, winding paths and conker-strewn tapestry of woodland.

Vernon Park Stockport 2
Vernon Park Stockport


The South Manchester district is currently a mosaic of orange and gold as it prepares for Winter to descend...

Wythenshawe 2
Wythenshawe 3

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