The Top 10 Tweets From Manchester's Favourite Jolly Joker

Bless his little cotton socks...


(Photo credit: Mark Waugh)

I've got to say, casually stalking Zippy's Twitter account is my guilty pleasure this time of year, and each festive outburst provides a colourful reminder of what Christmas is truly about...

Here's Lovin Manchester's definitive list of what Zippy has to offer to all Mancunians (and unsuspecting visitors to the city) this Christmas...

1. Christmas diet inspo

2. Humility

3. The importance of a humble heart

4. Sobriety 

5. The sweet art of subtlety

6. Political neutrality

7. How to play it cool

8. How to defy physics

9. When to stand up for ourselves (and one another)

10. And finally...when to go quietly

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