The 20 Best English Towns To Head To For A Weekend Sesh

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We thought we'd do some seriously important research and at the same time, give you a perfect list to work through with your friends in 2018 while having a good time travelling around England. 

These 20 towns are some of the absolute best when it comes to having the craic, enjoying the best England has to offer and most importantly of all... having a great sesh. 

Sesh, glorious sesh. 

All you have to do is head to one of them, find a place to stay and head to one of the small local pubs with your friends. What could possibly go wrong?

1. Newquay

A surfers' paradise and full of tourists and locals all year round. Never hard to find a few people having a good time.

2. Penzance 

About as far south as you can drive and most famous for their pirates! A perfect place for a long weekend.

3. Scarborough

In the heart of North Yorkshire and known as the UK capital of pubs - just made for hopping between them all.

4. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Well-known for hen and stag parties and packed all year round with people looking to have a good time.

5. Bristol

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With so much to do and see in the area it is a magnet for visitors from England and abroad. Plenty of pubs, live music and fun times to be had.

Visit Clifton while there, you won't regret it. 

6. York

Another students' paradise and a great place to chill out for a long weekend. Those Northern winds will make you super thirsty.

7. Weymouth

Not only one of the best looking places in the country but also a great place to have a serious sesh for a couple of days - second in pub numbers only to Scarborough.

8. Hay-On-Wye

Right on the border between England and Wales, the UK's capital of books is flanked by greenery and hills on all sides. The perfect place to escape the real world. 

9. Newport, Isle of Wight

To go on a proper sesh you need to get off the mainland and head to the islands.

10. Ludlow

Well-known for its amazing food scene and after you have finished a great feed you can wash it down with loads of pints in the plentiful pubs around the town. 

11. Liverpool

The main attraction here is that the place is packed full of students which means that you'll be able to sesh at any stage during the week and get some great value deals as well.

12. Sheffield

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After driving through the gorgeous scenery to get here, you'll be ready for pints and luckily there's Ecclesall Road - a street full of amazing bars to fulfil that dream.

13. Berwick on Tweed

Nearly as far North as you can go in the country before you get to Scotland - but once you get there this party town will give you endless amounts of fun. 

14. Castleton

A wonderful town in the rugged Peak District packed full of great restaurants and pubs. A weekend is the very minimum amount of time you should be spending there. 

15. Painswick

More of a village than a town in the glorious Cotswolds. Wonderfully picturesque - like The Holiday IRL - and especially busy during the summer but the pubs are superb all year round.

16. Bollington

You'll have to cross the border into Cheshire, but fear not. Because when you do get here you could be walking, eating amazing food, or more importantly drinking pints.

17. Great Yarmouth

A Norfolk town which is packed during the summer months. Take in the coastline and then head straight to the pub.

18. Oxford

Somewhere that is well worth a long weekend to visit. The bars are full of charm and you'll find plenty of nightclubs to keep the sesh going late. 

19. Douglas, Isle of Man

A wonderful island that is like stepping back in time. Head here with friends for one of the best weekends of craic you could ever imagine.

20. Altrincham

It's part of Manchester, but it's far enough out to be a destination on its own. Grab a tram and enjoy the gorgeous range of pubs and bars.

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