The 10 Places With The Highest Hipster Density Per Square Foot In Manchester

My god, these places are hip


Love them or hate them, hipsters are roaming all over this city and they're multiplying at an alarming rate. What with their handle bar moustaches, fixie bikes and clothes made from hemp protein...

I'm pretty sure that once this craze has well and truly died down, we'll all move back to being clean shaven, start wearing fitted three piece suits and carrying canes again, as we move onto what is surely the next trend (I'm calling it now.)

But until this current fashion has disappeared, many will do their best to avoid hipsters, and find somewhere normal that serves drinks out of actual glasses, rather than jam jars. And maybe even sit in some relatively modern furniture, rather than a granny's old couch.

If you’re from our great city - you’ll already know where most of these places are. Bit if not, grab your denim jacket and bobble hat and plan your Hipster tour of Manchester with this handy guide!

1. Northern Soul Grilled Cheese

Kicking off with some class Hipster eats, located in the Church Street Market on the edge of the Northern Quarter, Northern Soul Grilled Cheese offer the ultimate in simple comfort food. 

Served in a lively, no-frills atmosphere with barrel stools and boards displaying their chalked up menu, their not-so-humble grilled cheese sandwiches are made with their signature oozing three cheese blend on sourdough bread, known as The Soul for £6. 

Add caramelised red onion chutney to create “The Classic” for £6.50. Various extra ingredients include their homemade mac 'n' cheese to create a real crowd-pleaser - the "Mac Attack.” 

Adding Pulled pork to the “Mac Attack” will create their Pig On A Lead for £7. A soundtrack of Northern Soul accompanies their menu of grilled cheese sandwiches, soups, milkshakes and desserts.

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Northern Soul Grilled cheese are open 11am-6pm Monday-Wednesday, 11am-8pm Thursday-Saturday and 11am-4pm on Sundays.

2. North Tea Power

North Tea Power on Tib Street in the Northern Quarter hand-craft excellent coffee and offer a menu of loose-leaf tea, grilled cheese sandwiches (I have it on good authority that Hipsters love grilled cheese sandwiches) soup, salads and cakes and pastries.

Today's special baguette. Chorizo, Kasundi, mozzarella and red onion.

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Inside you're sure to find hipsters working away on their laptops. In such homely, rustic surroundings we wish we could work there every day! You will see a stylish stripped wood interior, a counter well stocked with pastries, cakes and sandwiches beside an array of coffee making paraphernalia.

North Tea Power is open 8am-7pm Monday-Friday, 10am-7pm Saturday and 10am-6pm Sunday.

3. Takk

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Takk provide a welcoming space for Mancunian's to work, meet, talk and "dream up some big ideas." This artisan coffee shop was inspired by its founders' travels throughout Scandinavia and Iceland. 

Described as "A big fat love letter to Reykjavik, it's people and their love for the coffee bean" their own Nordic style espresso, North Projekt, is served in a cosy, relaxed environment with stripped-back, minimalist decor.

Their brunch menu is served from 8am-4pm on weekdays, when you can warm your cockles with Blueberry Pie Porridge for £4 or Eggs Three Ways cooked to your preference for £4.50.

… and we promise the food will be as instagram-able as @jourdana_d’s!

Takk on Tariff Street is open 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Saturday and 10am-5pm Sunday.

4. COW

COW is a vintage clothing company based in the Northern Quarter. (Are you beginning to see a pattern emerging?) COW are about as Hipster as they come, selling all of the flannel and Hawaiian shirts, oversized jumpers and overalls that you could possibly desire. They also have stores based in Birmingham, Sheffield and Nottingham.

COW is open 10am-7pm Monday-Saturday and 11am-5pm Sunday.

5. Fred Aldous

If your creative juices are flowing, Fred Aldous have been supplying arts, crafts and hobby materials for over 128 years and their large Lever Street store should have everything you need to get crafty! 

“Our story began in Manchester in 1886 with a man called Fred. Fred had two things – a bright idea and a cracking beard.” 

Find out more about Fred Aldous’ story on their Facebook page.

Fred Aldous also run workshops, including jewellery making, calligraphy, oil paint workshops and textiles.

#AUGUSTBREAK2016 | DAY TWENTY TWO - SQUARES I haven't visited @fredaldous since my trip to Manchester, before we moved to the city, to meet up with the fabulous @janeclairebradley (whom I can't wait to see again this Thursday, for @margotmanchester's launch night!) despite walking past near-on every day since doing so, until today's wander to find something squares-ish (and my 'am I going to take photobooth photos of myself, on my own?' pondering) saw me hotfoot it through the open-for-130-years doors. A soak-it-in-and-up feast for one's all-of-them senses, I spent a short while making my way around the entered-onto-floor shelves, packed with craft pieces aplenty, cards, and gift-bits - all sorts of stuff that one could easily spend time-after-time getting lost in - before making my way down one floor (where I spied a pole/column-thing decorated with crocheted granny squares, which was pretty darn cool!), and then another, wondering just how many projects have been started with thanks to the items sold over the past century-and-the-some! And yes, the photobooths (at least, I think both in there work - one is vintage...but I didn't pluck up the courage to have a peek) - I did eye them up, however, instead of heading inside for a solo-booth-sesh, I spent time perusing those blown-up and stuck above head-level, and on posters sporting images from The International Photobooth Convention (ummmm, hi?! Doesn't that sound awesome?!) held back in May! •

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Fred Aldous opens 8:45am-5:15pm Monday-Friday, 9:15am-5:15pm Saturday and 11am-5pm Sunday.

6. Piccadilly Records

When I imagine the quintessential Hipster, I imagine them flicking through vinyl sleeves in their local record store. Piccadilly Records on Oldham Street is a wellestablished independent music store, stocking a huge array of classics and latest releases on vinyl and CD.

Our shop window after a busy Saturday

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Piccadilly Records has been around since 1978 and prospered in the post-punk 80's, their current management took over in 1990 and continued to build upon the store's reputation, going on to be voted Best Independent Record Store at the Music Week awards, and Best Record Store at Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards.

Piccadilly Records opens 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday and 11am-5pm Sunday.

7. The Northern Quarter

Now that you’ve noticed our running theme, we’d like to give a general nod to the bustling, creative and unique area that is Manchester’s Northern Quarter. As you have read so far, the Northern Quarter is a mecca for Manchester’s Hipsters and packed with thriving independent businesses including specialist and crafty stores, artisan coffee houses and tea rooms, themed restaurants and some of the coolest bars around!

Whilst walking around the NQ you’ll also notice it’s regularly changing murals and street art. And those who break this tradition are met with hellfire

It’s very easy to spend a whole day here day eating, drinking and gazing at everything with awe!

8. Barber Barber

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Now we are reluctantly leaving the Northern Quarter, but for the chaps amongst you it'll be worth it! Barber Barber in St Anns Arcade provide the ultimate male grooming experience. 

There are strictly NO WOMEN ALLOWED in this high-end, traditional style barbers. Gentleman can enjoy a beer without interruption from their other halves whilst barbers work their magic in “an atmosphere that has been created by men, for men.”

Havin' my first shave. 👶🏻

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Barber Barber are open 9am-6pm Monday-Wednesday, 9am-7pm Thursday-Friday, 9am-6pm on Saturday and 11am-5pm on Sunday.


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If you fancy yourself as a bit of a culture vulture, you’ll enjoy a trip to this art-house cinema, art gallery and theatre in Manchester’s new First Street development. In 2015, beloved Manchester institution The Cornerhouse closed down, but merged with the Library Theatre Company to create this contemporary, buzzing cultural space.


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For Cinema and Theatre times and more information on Art Exhibitions visit their website.

10. Hatters Hostel

Are you a travelling Hipster? Hopefully our handy guide to Hipster Manchester has helped you to plan your perfect city break, but where should you stay? Hatter’s Hostel holds the perfect location in Manchester’s Northern Quarter within easy walking distance of all of the attractions that we have mentioned!

Just an 8 minute walk from Piccadilly train station, this budget backpackers hostel is the perfect place to unwind after a day of artisan coffee and an evening of craft beers! Housed in a grand Victorian building, the hostel also has some of the Northern Quarters famous street art on one of its walls. Complimentary continental breakfast and free wifi are just a couple of the perks, the hostel also has a communal kitchen and games room with a pool table, foosball, games consoles and a TV lounge. Their reception is open 24/7 with prices starting from £15 for a single bed in a mixed dormitory (price checked on 16/11/16).

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