This Is How Often Single People Change Their Sheets

Dirty buggers!

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A Mattress Advisor survey has shown some pretty disgusting statistics revealing that single people change their bedding after 37 days, while those in a relationship wait nearly 22 days. 

The survey also found that there is a huge difference between men and women swapping out their sheets, women usually wait just over 2 weeks to change theirs whilst men nearly 30 days, EW!

The average amount of sweat lost whilst we are snoozing is around a pint of the stinky stuff, that accumulates to 30 pints of sweat for guys! I suppose if its only you bathing in your own sweat and dirt then it's kinda ok, right?

However even after a one-night stand, men wait an average of 18 days to change their bedding whilst women wait just two. 

So what’s the issue with all this? Even if you cant actually see the muck you are laying in every night, your sheets are still pretty rank. The average person sweats out around 26 gallons into their bed every year, and sheds about 10 grams of skin each day. So whilst it might look clean and smell ok, it really isn't. 

I don't know about you, but I am going straight home and changing my sheets...

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