PICS: The Stunning Volta at The Refuge: Official Opening, Launch Party And More

Restaurant, bar, den and hidden underground club: Volta at The Refuge has it all.


Manchester's answer to Hollywood

It's official. Manchester's hottest new restaurant has landed. And it's bringing some true Hollywood glamour to the city!

'Come As You Are' is the message they're rolling out to guests - but the space is quite frankly anything but casual.

An absolute game-changer on the Manchester food and drink scene, The Refuge by Volta boasts a fabulously grand restaurant, bar, den (for games, parties and bigger events) a stunning 'Winter Garden' and even a private dining area!

A major success story on the Manchester food and drink scene with Electrik and Volta, Justin Crawford and Luke Cowdrey, aka The Unabombers, are the brains behind the outfit - joining forces with The Palace Hotel to curate the Refuge, in all its Great Gatsby style decadence.

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Come As You Are

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Armed with all the booze, fried squid and party poppers Manchester had to offer The Refuge opened its doors at 6pm last night to a media swarm plus industry VIPs for their official launch party.

The DJs and bar staff were warming up to one of the most hotly-anticipated launches of the year...

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"If you drink enough - the trees start to move."

The 'Winter Garden' was a sight for sore eyes as it transformed into an Alice in Wonderland den of walking trees, talking flowers and prosecco-bearing woodland animals.

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Meanwhile the chefs fired up the ovens

The launch included tasters from The Refuge by Volta menu - which takes inspiration from around the Globe, but is sure to offer dishes with roots a little closer to home too.

Last night's menu included spicy padron peppers, chorizo 'poppers,' zesty cod croquettes and fried squid with a side of their own ink (after all, if the glove fits..)

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Needless to say, hungry hands were flying out faster than the food

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All washed down with a quick spritz

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Or/and Bourbon

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After a while everything started to get a little - well - hazy

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The Refuge by Volta is now open for business (and drunken revelry) at The Palace Hotel Monday - Thursday 8am-2am, Friday and Saturday 8am-3am and Sunday 8am-12am.

You can check out their latest updates over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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