People Are Getting A Shock When They Order This Giant Teddy From Amazon

Jesus christ


Amazon customers who ordered this gigantic fluffy ted online have been left gobsmacked when the thing turned up at their house.

The Joyfay Giant Teddy Bear has been a big hitter with customers...


But those who ordered the £80+ bear are getting quite the shock when he arrives...

Review Bear

Towering at 6 ft 5 inches, the bear is plugged as a biggie online, so customers weren't surprised at that.

What is making everyone double-take is the fluffy fella's comically long legs - which make up about four feet of bear on their own.

Tons of customers have come forward in stitches at the mishap - so at least everyone seems to be having a sense of humour about things!

Hell, the bizarre looking creature wouldn't be out of place at Manchester's Long Legs...

What do you reckon, the 2017 must-have toy? ;)

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