Only In Manchester: These Things Would Only Ever Happen In Our City

There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about Manchester. Let’s just say it’s a colourful city...

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1. Umbrella machines

Because it rains a LOT...

Umbrella Machines

...even when nowhere else in the country is having rain.

Record Breaking Weather

2. The indomitable spirit

A manc doesn’t go quietly.

Roadworks Humour

3. The insatiable hunger

Red’s True Barbecue has what it calls 'The Donut Burger.' Two meat patties, cheese, bacon, crispy onions… between two donuts. Omnomnom.

Reds Burger

4. The eye for a bargain

Penny wise and pound foolish.

Heroin And Crack Sale

5. The problem continues on public transport…

But in a way that still makes his mother proud.

Illegal Smoking

6. Reality and fantasy often blur...

If only for a moment.


7. More often than you realise

To most people Shameless is a fictional series. To mancs it’s more of a documentary. 


8. But you still can’t take a fish for a walk

Although apparently you can take your Henry...


8. This violin playing puppet replica of a busker isn’t viral

Which says that Mancunians find this so run-of-the-mill only one person thought it would be appreciated by the Internet.

Mini Me

9. But most people manage to stay on the right side of normal

It’s a relative standard.

Right Side Of Normal

10. Although those who don’t will always have company

Maybe TripAdvisor will branch out.


11. People work their fitness routine seamlessly into their daily life

It’s a really cosmopolitan concept.


12. Then use their new skills to become a point of national pride

Bringing in the year with a bang (up)

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