NEW Bloody Mary Pop-Up Launches In Manchester!

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A Friend With Boozy Benefits

Simon Burgess is the enthusiastic brain behind new start-up Your Buddy Mary - which is to hold events, pop-ups and experiences all centred around the somewhat old-fashioned 'Bloody Mary' cocktail - in London and Manchester.

Simon says he wants to revolutionise the little red number in a series of exciting twists: "A Bloody Mary can be whatever you want it be - and enjoyed with friends at an event like today's, that's exactly what I want to offer people."

Lovin were caught red-handed at yesterday's launch event among a crowd of thirsty patrons, and the Bloody Marys did not disappoint...

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In the beginning

Out came a flute boasting a Bloody Mary inspired palate-cleanser plus a series of tasters of the original Your Buddy Mary Bloody Mary.

In Breakfast Pizza We Crust

We've all been there. 

Hangover usually means late-night pizza fest or next-morning greasy fry-up. Your Buddy Mary combines the two with an offering of English breakfast IN a pizza.

Pipping his venture as the ultimate hangover cure, Simon says he wanted to create a daytime event that would make his customers feel amazing and blast that inevitable sore head from Friday night's 'out out' antics but without being diet-centric. Needless to say, dishes are carb-heavy and oozy (so stick your fat pants on folks.)

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Preparations for the main begin...

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To eat or to climb?

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Happy faces all round!

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Dessert was maple, beam and bacon pancakes

Accompanied by - you guessed it - more Bloody Marys!

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For all the latest bloody updates you can follow Your Buddy Mary over on Twitter and Instagram.

Events are to be released on 1st October 2016.

Want to be the first to hear about them? Hop over their website here, or for all enquiries drop an email to:

Photos by Jacob King @jacobkingphoto

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