Why Is There Such A Shortage Of Eggnog In Manchester?

The Grinch has swept the area...

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This week - I was tasked with presenting you all with the ultimate Christmas Eggnog in Manchester. For those of you who haven't tried this festive delicacy, Eggnog is a rich, chilled, sweetened drink made from milk and/or cream, sugar, whipped eggs and brandy, rum or bourbon.

About as naughtily sensational as Manchester's first dessert bar - Milkjam.

In preparation for Christmas, many of Manchester’s bars are serving festive favourites such as Glühwein (red wine with various mulling spices) Baileys and other alcoholic hot chocolates, but today, as tasty as they are, they just wouldn’t do. 

I hit the streets looking for bars with Christmas-themed cocktails and seasonal classics. I travelled far and wide, visiting boozy joints in the Northern Quarter, Spinningfields and even a few traditional pubs dotted around the city in search of the festive fiend.

Alas, much to my disappointment - nobody that I asked had Eggnog on the menu! I received some fantastic service, being offered all manner of Christmas alternatives but I was saving myself for the drink I came out in (what felt like futile) search of.

Naturally, the Christmas markets were next on my  hit-list.

I had no joy on Exchange Square or Market Street, but undeterred and wrapped up in my winter coat I headed to Albert Square, where Windmill House saved the day. Well, sort of...

Windmill house are a large Christmas Market bar on Albert Square. Serving Bratwursts, hambugers, pantastic traditional German food, spicy beer, citrus punch, Glühwein - and Eggnog Punch.

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Eggnog Punch or 'Eierpunsch' is made with egg yolks, sugar, white wine and vanilla. It is the German name given to a warm, alcoholic, egg-based drink similar to egg nog. Drinks at Windmill House range from around 4-6 quid, by the way.

Not Eggnogg, but certainly the most like-minded (and delicious) beverage that I could find! 

During my search I also stopped to enjoy one of Starbucks' famous Eggnog lattes. Their signature espresso is topped with rich, steamed Eggnog and milk, topped with whipped cream and a dusting of ground nutmeg. For a filling treat at £3.15, it wasn't bad, but if I'm honest, it just wasn't the same.

Do you know any bars in Manchester that serve the perfect Eggnog? If you do, please let us know about it! Comment on Facebook or Tweet us.

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