Mancunians Have Revealed The One Thing They Want On Their Commute To Work

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Let's face it, the commute to work can be pretty arduous and miserable, especially if it's wet, windy and cold (which in Manchester is pretty much a given.) 

But according to Office Genie, a resource for office moves and workplace matters, the ingredients for a happier commute are simpler than you might think...

Out of the total 1,500 British workers surveyed, more than half believe that a positive commute can boost mental wellbeing (57%) and productivity (51%). 

A happy commute also improves perceptions of work/life balance, engagement at work and the interactions shared with colleagues. 

So what do we need for a happy journey?

It's all about the little things! 

Smiles from fellow commuters were ranked highly, but what do Manchester really want in the morning? 

A bacon sandwich. 


You can check out the full list and insights from the Head of Engagement at performance specialists Avinity here.

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