It's Official - Men Who Stare At Boobs Live Longer

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You might think it's creepy, invasive and even, yes, harassment.

But next time a man stares at your boobs, he may well tell you it's just because he just wants to live longer.


The facts are: men die younger than women -  76.4 years compared to 81.2 years - and there are genetic reasons why.

But adding to your life expectancy is also a combo of social and lifestyle measures, reports Medical Daily - and they have revealed five really rather unexpected ways men could last longer.

1. Stare at boobs

Men's Health says that dropping their eyes to women's breasts or even looking at cute animals can help to benefit their health by creating a positive mindset, which can have a beneficial impact on longevity.

2. Have a load of sex

study in the British Medical Journal found more orgasms could promote life expectancy by three to eight years - after all, it's feelgood exercise, which relieve stress.

3. Tie the knot

You might not think it, but married men tend to live longer than singletons. A survey of more than 127,000 adults found the longer a man is married, the greater his 'survival advantage'.

4. Become a dad

There's all that worry and being completely broke for the most part - but being a dad actually can help men last longer. A study in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health found both genders with at least one kid  had lower death risks thad chilld-free folk.

5. Take charge

study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that nursing home residents with a plant to care for were better at alertness and general function, helping them stay stronger longer. Responsiblity was the key.

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