Here's How To Survive Flu Season When You're Surrounded By Sick People

These six tricks could save you


After two long weeks of strep throat and a nasty tummy bug, I can officially say that I am cured and back to my full health. 

Harder, better, faster, stronger. 

But unfortunately I cannot say the same for my coworkers nor for my housemates who are absolutely riddled with germs. 

Protect yourselves and power through this difficult season with these tips. 

1. Dose up

Effervescent vitamin C and echinacea save lives. 

And if you want to steer clear of the flu then you should really be drinking these EVERY single morning. 


2. Fluids, fluids and more fluids

Staying hydrated is key to avoiding illness. 

Hot water with lemon and honey or a splash of orange juice is also a miracle worker. 


3. Avoid Dairy

It's well known that dairy increases mucus production - especially as you get older - and if your tummy is feeling upset at all then it will only make matters worse. 

Fatty foods increase inflammation and lower the immune system. So if you're dreaming about a burger for dinner, think again. 

Eat light and eat healthy. Your body will thank you. 


4. Sleep

As much as you possibly can, wherever you can. 

Try to get AT LEAST eight hours sleep and if you can fit a nap in, even if it's just on weekends, you really should. If you feel a flu coming on, avoid overexerting as soon as possible so that your body has time to mend itself. 


5. Take a hot shower or bath

It's all about that steam. Essential for clearing the head and all congestion in the nose and throat.

Vicks Vaporub should also become your best friend. Rub it on your chest and glands before bed, or mix some with hot water and steam your head. 


6. Stay the fuck away from sick people

Easier said than done, I know. 

The air in our office is heaving with germs and the stomach-churning sounds of snorting and sniffling. 

Wash your hands constantly, keep hand sanitiser nearby and try not to come into contact with ill people.

No snogging or exchanging of bodily fluids now, ya hear?


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Written By

Alana Laverty

Just a Galway gal eating and writing her way around Dublin