This Dinky New £5 Product From Primark Is Getting A Lot Of Attention



There's no denying that we all LOVE a good trawl in the UK's favourite discount giant. You pop in for a pair of socks and come out with more clothes than you could ever wear over the next three years. It's a vicious cycle.

They've been playing a blinder in the run-up to Christmas with some truly awesome items for sale and their newest addition is cute as a button.

Behold the new Chip Trinket Dish...

The saucer-shaped tray features a smiling Chip and is already getting the attention of the masses.

"Primark all this Disney stuff is killing my bank balance! I just wish there was one store that does it all under one roof" one wrote.

Hmmmm. Not a bad idea.

Isn't he a cutie?

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