EATS, BEATS & BOOZE: 9 Proofs That Beat Street's Where It's At

They're keepin' it street 7 days a week

Beat Street8

1. It's cheap and cheerful.

It opened just this summer, but Beat Street has quickly become the trendiest street food gaff in town. Enjoy the sun terrace and live DJs while you feast on soft and plump bagels (Eat New York), juicy Jerk Chicken (Jerk) and zingy Indonesian dishes (Bali Beach Hut), nothing will set you back more than a tenner and a lot of it's even less!

2. They're welcoming folk

Whether you're fussy when it comes to your booze or you want the spice level on your daal (we opted for extra chillies - hot hot hot!) to suit your palate nothing is too much for the Beat Street legends.

3. They're serving up a rainbow of colours and flavour sensations

(and it's all pretty nutritious too!)

4. Doesn't matter when you go, the beats are rocking and the hip-hop's popping

Vibe = ace.

5. The. Drinks. Are. Sick

Cocktail drizzled with jam, anyone? Yes, that's a jammy dodger on top and yes, it was delicious. When drinking, one must remember to line one's stomach adequately. Even if it is with sweets. Omnomnom.

6. They sell Pilsner. Nuff said.

7. It's the place to

Get it?

8. It's an excuse to get messy

And finally, the beer and cocktails are great - but for all you wine aficionados out there...

9. Theirs is so off-the-rails good they've had to lock it up!

Arrive with a hearty appetite, an open-mind and a solid hangover brunch plan.

It's probably going to get messy...

Beat Street are open 7 days a week, 11am - late and you can hop across to Twitter to see their latest updates.

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