Can You Spot What Everyone's Talking About In This Photo Of Meghan And Harry?

Once you've seen it, it's hard to ignore

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Official photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were released last month to announce their engagement - and people went crazy for them.

Don't they look adorable?

Since then, however, body language experts have been reviewing the photos and have found something a little strange about Prince Harry's pose.

Did you spot it?

Harry has causally tucked his hand into the front of his jacket, but it's not the first time he's been spotted posing like that. The Prince has been making this gesture at royal and social engagements for a while now, so, what does it really mean?

Body language expert and author, Traci Brown, told that Harry's signature gesture is most likely a bad habit, but could have a deeper meaning.

"He's seen this way quite a bit," she said. "He's covering his solar plexus area (the vital organs) and protecting it which just says he's not quite comfortable in the situation — who would be with all those photographers around and people like myself analysing him?"

Body language expert, Bianca Cobb, added: "Prince Harry's arm placed across his abdomen serves as a barrier to separate or distance himself from something that he makes him uncomfortable. In this case, it could be having photos taken."

Cobb said this gesture may also be a way of showing he's guarding, not only himself, but other members of his family. *Ahem* Meghan.

There have been a few other instances where Prince Harry has been caught covering his 'solar plexus area'...

You can read the full article here.

(Feature Credit: Royal Family / Instagram)

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