Businessman Puts Vending Machine Of Treats Outside Of His House For Halloween

Trick or treat?

Trick Or Treat

John Broderick's house was a sight for sore eyes last night as he gave trick or treaters a Halloween to remember...

Unsurprisingly, John fast acquired a queue of little mischeivers outside of his Trafford home after filling a full-size vending machine with treats and sticking it outside of his front door.

The machine was filled with all kinds of free Halloween goodies for the kids to choose from and even Former City legend Shaun Goater - who lives on the same road - was tempted as he came to have a peak at the gaff's new addition.

John, who's current business makes a range of fancy vending machines, bagged a series of industry awards and accolades before creating a chain of coffee houses. He said: 

“I decided to bring one of our vending machines home, I knew the kids would love it. The idea was to take trick or treating to another level."

“I have nieces who live on the same road and there’s loads of kids nearby. I just brought it home for a bit of fun, but it went crazy. So many people from all over the place came to see it!"

“It was so funny seeing their reactions. Everyone loved it. It caused a fuss, but the main thing was the kids having fun."

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