9 Scientific Ways To Cure Your Sleep Problems


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Do you spend every day complaining about being tired only to gain a a sudden energy boost just before bed?


Check out these how shall we say, unorthodox, methods which may help you doze off after a long day. 

1. If you often wake up in the night, drink lots of alcohol before sleeping

 Make sure the room temperature is between 20-22°C.

2. If you have problems falling asleep, refuse tea and coffee 7 hours before going to bed

Exercise every morning.

3. If your shoulder hurts, go to sleep on your back hugging a pillow

Insanity rocking is recommended 

4. If it's hard to wake up, get up everyday at the same time

Alarm clock will suffice

5. Cramps & muscle spasms? Try massaging the affected area and try stretches

RC car not needed...

6. If you suffer from heartburn, go to sleep on your side with your head raised slightly.

Drink a mouthful of Gaviscon too (Active ingredient in Gaviscon is a Norwegian algae)

7. If your partners snoring keeps you awake, place a pillow over their head*

*LovinManchester don't support nor advocate murder. See #1 for alternative method.

8. If your neck hurts, change your pillow every couple of years

Goose feather pillows FTW

9. If your back hurts, put another pillow under your thighs or the back of your leg

Sleep well

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