9 Reasons Why A Family Wedding Is The Best Night Out You'll Have All Year

Family Wedding Cover

Family weddings can be a treasure trove of brilliant stories and awful next-day pictures. They have the potential to be the most beautiful, exciting and also stressful day of the happy couple’s lives and that's largely down to you - the dearly beloved's guest.

Whether you love or loathe your family, a wedding shindig has the potential to be the best night out you'll have all year. Here's why...


1. Drunken speeches

Some people need a little "inspiration" to be able to share their feelings. Help inspire them!

Bad Speech

2. Open bar

Always golden. But if you aren't lucky enough to be at an open bar wedding, remember your recent life achievements may inspire a grandparent or two to dig deep and raise you a sherry, so don’t be shy on the life PR front. 

Lovin top tip: Carry a hipflask in case of emergencies.

Open Bar

3. New family members

From babies to spouses, new family members take the pressure off the more known family members and give you somebody new to take the piss out of your dad’s dancing with. 

Initiate them well, they could become a close ally.

I Like You

4. New buds

What people tend to forget with weddings is that there are two families in the room, which equals plenty of new people to meet – and the chance to claim you’re a distant member of the “other” family. Banter-central awaits...

New Friends

5. Hilarious hangover stories

Whether the night ends with grandad singing to sheep in a field, or your sister-in-law dancing on a table, long lost relatives, emotional ceremonies and too many bubbles are a heady combination and a surefire way to create some hilarious memories.

Hangover Stories

6. Being legit the best dancer without even trying

Families are not hard to beat in dance offs, but select your opponent carefully and don’t be afraid to practice in advance. If you’re looking to score points in the cute stakes with a fellow wedding goer, have a child dance with you to demonstrate your sensitive-yet-fun side.

Legit Best Dancer

7. That great-aunt/uncle/grandparent who just LOVES to party

Face it, you got it from somewhere.

Old Dancing

8. A chance to remind everybody that you’re no longer six years old

If the phrases “I haven’t seen you since….” or “when did you get so big?” send shivers down your spine, relish the chance to update all your relatives on your age, current home, city and profession.

Grown Up

9. The inevitable breakdown of civil relations between two warring relatives and the hullabaloo that ensues

It could be the reunion of divorcees or rivalry between the new mothers-in-law. If things get too heated and you end up being drafted in as the UN peace envoy, stick Time Warp on the disco and let your dad distract from the scrapping with his world-class dance skills.

Family Fight

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