7 Hacks That Will Keep You Awake When You’re Falling Asleep In Work Today

The struggle is definitely real

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Tuesdays can often be hella worse than Mondays.

You spent all of yesterday re-adjusting back to work, you stayed up too late watching Netflix and then you didn't even have time to grab a coffee on your way to work. 


Your eyes are twitching, your vision is blurry and you hate everyone in the office. 

But that's all about to change – with these simple hacks.

1. Discreet accupressure

Accupressure gets blood flowing which in turn will will wake you the fuck up and keep you alert.

Pull down on your earlobes, put pressure on your hand between your thumb and index finger and use your hands to put some further pressure behind your knees. 

But be discreet or your coworkers will think you're a bit mad. 


2. Drink a vitamin C

This will give you the burst of energy you need, without the come down we suffer after drinking a coffee.

And it's good for ya. 


3. Run cold water on your wrists 

This one is sure to wake you up, and also helps with hangover induced fevers and nausea. 


4. Chew something

To keep your mind stimulated chew on grapes, ice, chewing gum or mints. 


5. Listen to upbeat music

Upbeat but not too upbeat. 


6. Use your break wisely

Stretch your legs, get some fresh air and if there's any sun in the sky, absorb some vitamin D. 


7. Don't eat a heavy lunch

It will only bring you down and put you into a sleepy food coma. 

A salad or soup with a veg or fruit juice will bring you back to life. And for the love of God, DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.


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