7 Dating Apps You Should Try That Aren’t Tinder

Time to look for love elsewhere, Tinderella

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From swiping right to finding your perfect match, dating has definitely gone digital. Whether you want to find the one over your similar interests in music or political views, there’s a plethora of dating apps out there offering you the chance to find love at your fingertips. But which ones are actually worth spending time on? 

We tried and tested our favourite apps to see which ones workout best:

1. Bumble

Any girl who’s had her fair share of inappropriate opening lines will appreciated this dating app. Bumble is like Tinder’s older brother who has gotten over the phase of just asking if you want ‘Netflix & chill’ in favour of that old school chivalry of ladies first. Swiping is still the same, but the crucial difference is that women have to make the first move within 24 hours after a match has been made, otherwise the match will expire – which is just the right amount of pressure to get gals to say hi before the setup goes stale. And if you get a bit too swipe-happy, you can shake your phone to backtrack on a hottie you didn’t mean to decline. Like I said: like Tinder, but better.

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2. Happn

Happn is a step towards a real-life romcom. The app lets you reconnect with people you’ve walked past in everyday life to get a second chance at those spark-lighting moments. So, the guy you made eyes at in the coffee shop could end up on your Happn radar. If you like someone and they don’t match with you, you can send them a charm to say you’re interested to try to win them over. The only downside to the app is that your matches hover at the top of your screen, which can make it harder to see new potentials in the area.

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3. POF

Plenty Of Fish has a bit of a bad rep on the dating scene for being a little promiscuous, but the app offers a good way to personalise your matches more than Tinder and other free dating contemporaries. More in-depth profiles and personality tests mean you can get better matches, and the open profiles mean you can contact anyone. However, the openness of the platform is also it’s downfall; with no filter on who can contact you, you can get messages from potential partners whether you like them or not (and some people can be very persistent). POF also isn’t afraid to push their upgrades with the ‘view who wants to meet up with you option’ sending a notification to your phone every single time someone likes your profile.  

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4. Coffee Meets Bagel

Just as you wouldn’t have a coffee without a bagel (ahem), so this dating app tries to pair you up with your perfect match. Yes, it’s a little cheesy, but it’s also kinda cute. Every day, men are shown a selection of profiles (bagels) that they have to either like or pass, and then women are only shown the profiles of men who’ve already liked them, which increases the chances of having a decent match. If singletons don’t like any of the profiles shown to them, then they can also explore the sight to hunt for their own ‘bagels’ and ‘take’ them using their stash of ‘coffee beans’ – which are essentially points that you build up by liking matches, or alternatively buying them. It’s a nice idea if you’re happy to be sent up to ten matches a day, but the more picky daters might find it costly when they have to upgrade.

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5. TrueView

Trueview tries to take out all the superficialities around online profiles to deliver ‘dating you can trust’. Users are invited to create more authentic profiles by connecting their various social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook, as well as sharing links to songs, videos and status updates that reflect their personality. Every profile gets a ‘trust score’ based on how authentic your profile is and you can set a minimum trust score requirement for people who can contact you – which is a good way to weed out any fake profiles or flings. If you want to put a little more effort into your dating game without having to sign up to a subscription, then Trueview is a good option. However, you need to stay active on the app in order to maintain your score, which can be timely.   

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6. OkCupid

Another freebie site that offers personalised matches, OKCupid is a great option if you want to up your dating game without paying out. Answer 10 general questions when you sign up, which are as varied as ‘are you a morning person’ to ‘do you like intellectually stimulating conversations’, then answer more later on to get better matches. Like POF, OKCupid’s open doors policy does mean that anyone can contact you, which has its perks and its problems. But the app makes it easy to search for new potentials on mass. 

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7. Match.com

The mother of all dating sites, Match.com is definitely worth trying if you’re serious about finding love, but it can be costly. As with a lot of subscription dating sites, you get out what you put in, so in order to get your money’s worth you need to invest the time into filling out your profile properly. It might feel a bit cringey writing about your ideal date and what you’re looking for in a partner, but that extra effort helps weed out any casual encounters. And with match.com’s latest venture of singles nights, you can meet worthy singles the good old-fashioned way over a drink in a bar or a bowling night. 

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