6 Simple Ways To Combat Monday Blues

Stay positive

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Another week another shitty Monday but fear not, we've created a few simple tips to make you feel more sprightly today: 

1. Get some fresh air

Take half an hour on your lunch break to get out of the stuffy office and go for a walk. The fresh air will do you the world of good and those emails can wait. 


2. Listen to some quality tunes

Turn up the speakers and blast your favourite jams or, failing that, stick the headphones in and ignore everything else around you. 

3. Contact a mate

Send a Whatsapp or a Facebook message to a faraway friend and see how they're getting on. We guarantee you'll be exchanging lols within seconds.


4. Book a holiday

There's nothing liking booking a trip to sunnier climes to put a spring in your step. You may as well spend the last of your cash on an experience you'll never forget. 

Even better, why not visit that faraway friend?


5. Netflix binge

Close the curtains and get stuck into some high quality netflicking. Click here for some suggestions.


6. Try something new

Read a new book, start a journal, take up knitting. Adult colouring is SO in right now - let your creative juices flow!


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