5 Easy Ways To Get More Protein Into Your Diet

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For some time, the amount of muscle on the average human – and we’re talking city dwellers here, not lumberjacks– has been on the rise in quite a phenomenal way. 

Because the majority of these modern day physiques are utterly ridiculous (and mostly down to a mass overload of whey protein) the essential building block of human strength has had a bad rep of late. But that need not be the case!

Protein is for more than bulking up – it’s essential to everything from your concentration to the health of your hair and a steady intake will keep hunger locked up better than any bowl of Shreddies.

Here are five whey-free ways to get a protein boost, regardless of your dietary preferences.

For the carnivore

The nutritional density of steak makes it an easy go-to for those sluggish days. But with more people reporting lethargy and indigestion problems triggered by red meat – not to mention the environmental impact of farming millions of cows – a grade 6 Wagyu isn’t everybody’s dish of the day. 

Turkey, on the other hand, is the only meat to be both incredibly lean AND packed with protein. Plus, it makes you think of Christmas and is incredibly versatile – from roasts to quick-cook steaks and leftovers for your sandwiches tomorrow.


For the herbivore

Quinoa may be the vegan’s steak of the decade, but it’s fussy to prep and can be unethical to farm. Beans and lentils are not. 

Packed with protein, they make a great base for delicious meat-free winter dishes and amazing summer salads and while these alone cannot provide all the protein a meat-free diet requires, they are an excellent start and contain more protein than tofu. With so many ways to prepare and serve, they never get boring.

For the sweet tooth

If you’ve ever seen these in the pharmacy and been reminded of the mockolate episode of Friends, be prepared to do a double take. Low-carb chocolate is still an abomination in principle but the peanut Atkins bars are surprisingly delicious with a brew. Even if they are in a similar price range as a bar of gold. 


Liquid protein

Whey is out and veggies are in with this protein-rich smoothie recipe. Blend two handfuls of baby spinach with one handful of kale to get your protein, iron and fibre. 

Then for taste (and Vitamin C to help extract the nutrients from the leafy greens) add blueberries, strawberries, one banana and a spoonful of peanut butter (it’s worth forking out for the fancy version if you can as these tend to contain little or no added sugar or palm oil and therefore don’t negate the benefits of what’s in the rest of the glass.) 

Don’t forget to add liquid in the form of ice, water or milk, depending on the consistency you prefer.



If you’re in a rush, thirsty and in need of protein, milk is an easy way to boost your intake. Cow’s milk has fallen out of favour lately but it is still head and shoulders above rice and almond milk when it comes to protein content at 3.4%, compared to 0.3% and 1% respectively. 

For vegans and those following dairy-free diets, soy milk is also impressive at 3.3% protein - both are readily available when you’re on the go.

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