11 Hilarious Shopfronts That Prove Their Owners Are Proper Mancunians

Pure class

Booze And Chicken

1. Yard And Coop

Any gaff with windows shouting pure and simply 'booze and chicken' gets my vote. Yard and Coop is without doubt a Manchester power house, protein-packed with beer aplenty.

Booze And Chicken
Yard And Coop

2. Odd Bar

Creative juices weren't exactly aflowing when this gaff was founded. In fact, we can only conclude that the owner must have been a bit pissed, in true Mancunian style, when he named it (that or he was practicing some sort of reverse psychology.)

It has sadly closed down very recently but will always remain in our memories as a true Manchester institution. R.I.P <3

Odd Beaut
Odd Bar

3. 63 Degrees

Maybe it's some sort of sick joke about our infamous Northern weather, but regardless of the name, 63 degrees is pretty special and serves up quality French food if you fancy sticking on your beret and wining and dining that special someone.

63 Degrees

4. Cat Café

There's bound to be a few cat-haters out there, but I don't mind a furry cuddle once in a while (oh the perks of being single in Manchester.) You can pet the furry felines here while enjoying a a chocolate paw-printed mocha or your beverage of choice.

Paw Coffee
Cat Title

5. The Blue Pig

That hanging blue pig will forever remain in our memories as a true city centre mascot.

Blue Pig

6. Common

For any Southerners callung us mancs common as muck - well, we do beer better. And this place proves it. So there.

Common Header
Donut Boy

7. Walrus

The bar/restaurant is appropriately named 'Walrus.' This marine mammal emits sounds representative of Mancunian mating behaviour on a night out.


8. Tusk

Another symbol of Mancunian 'dating' tactics. Northern Letharios have been known to use the tusk tactic to both pick up future mates and attack the competition. David Attenborough would have a field day.


9. Trof

As the name suggests, this is the place for a proper pig-out or hungover weekend brunch. The coffee and cocktails are mint as is most of the food. Personally I recommend the 'chorizo home fries' - great guilty pleasure and a bit unusual too.


10. Ziferblat

A cross between your Nan’s living room and working at Google. At Ziferblat everything's free to help yourself to - you just pay for the time you spend there (6p a minute.) The snacks are tasty and the drinks exactly as you want them (as you make them yourself.) Understandably Manchester adores this quirky little gem.


11. Luck Lust Liquor and Burn

Talk about tongue-twister! The name is almost as rockin' as the food (I said almost...) I personally absolutely love it here - bandana-clad cocktails and all.

Lust Luck

Photo credit to the wonderful Emma Boyle.

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