26 Reasons Why Everyone Needs To Live In Manchester At Least Once In Their Lives

WARNING: You might never leave


1. I know what you’re thinking… the weather

People think that Manchester is the monsoon capital of the world but don’t let those kinds of rumours put you off. 

Sure it’s no tropical paradise, but according to statistics it’s only the 8th rainiest city in the UK… not too bad.

2. Rent Prices

With rents in London through the roof and showing no signs of slowing, England’s second city looks to be an increasingly attractive option for those who want to live in an exciting and vibrant city without breaking the bank (you’ll pay on average half of that in the capital.)

Harry Potter eat yo heart out...

3. And general bang for your buck

Our pennies can go a long way compared to other cities, whether' it's on happy hour, free museums and galleries or cheap transport.

Although the magic bus price upping to £1.50 was not well received...

4. The Metrolink

Ahhh come on, say what you will about the metro – but most of the time it's pretty efficient and transports us from the suburbs through the heart of the city pretty damn speedily.

And then there's the on-board entertainment...

5. Football (obvs)

That this city is steeped in footballing history should be news to no one, but to fully appreciate the best the beautiful game has to offer you have to be here. 

City and United define a big part of Manchester’s culture and it’s rare to go 2 minutes without seeing a proud believer sporting a shirt on their way to church:


6. The music's top

Manchester has a long history of producing world-class musicians, music labels and institutions. 

The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Happy Mondays, Joy Division/ New Order, Oasis to name but a few...

And there’ll be plenty more to come.

7. As is the nightlife...

While London struggles to keep its music institutions – such as Fabric – open for entertainment, Manchester’s clubbing scene is thriving. New clubs tend to pop up every few months as promoters and musicians look to take advantage of the city’s young, outgoing population.

8. The Warehouse Project's just one example

3 incredible months of events celebrating the best of electronic and underground music. 

Set up off the back of Manchester’s infamous rave scene, the Warehouse Project is internationally renowned and revellers flock from around the globe...

9. Pubs, pubs and more pubs

The city is graced with an amazing variety of pubs. From the smallest bar in Europe – The Circus Tavern – to the bigger establishments and everything in between, Mancunians love their pubs.

10. …stocked by some great local breweries

Dozens of top class breweries are located in and around Greater Manchester bringing the city some of the finest craft beers and ales in the country.

11. The Northern Quarter (by day)

This area on the edge of the city centre is a hub of creative energy, home to cafés, restaurants, vintage boutiques, record shops and art galleries – whether you’re looking for a bite to eat, a piece of rare vintage clothing or an elusive vinyl record, it’s unlikely you’ll come away from the Northern Quarter hungry or empty handed.

12. And by night...

There are also plenty of popular bars, lounges and clubs packed close together in the NQ where you drink, listen to prestigious bands and DJs, or even play table tennis at Twenty Twenty Two.

And the porn star martini in prohibition-style 'speakeasy' Dusk Til Pawn is the stuff of legend.

13. Shopping

As well as the niche shops of NQ Manchester also offers the Arndale Shopping Centre and the gigantic Trafford Centre (which also features an indoor ski slope, golf and an aquarium) for all your retail needs.

14. It’s big (but not too big)

Manchester has a big city feel but without the vast distances – you can easily walk around the city centre without wearing yourself down.

15. It’s a media hub

Media City UK at Salford Quays is home to the BBC and ITV as well as a host of smaller media outlets, providing international media centre right on your doorstep.

16. The arts scene's thriving

HOME, The Lowry, new immersive theatre, Manchester International Festival - there's so much to see and do it's hard to imagine ever being at a loss for entertainment.

And a lot of the stuff's free too.

17. Manchester is a leader in science

The University of Manchester developed Graphene – the world’s first 2D material made from cleverly engineered carbon (pretty impressive eh?). There’s also the Museum of Science and Industry offering all kinds of exhibitions that’re well worth checking out.

18. It’s multicultural (curry mile/Chinatown)

You’ll hear and see the vivid mixture of world cultures in Manchester, each complimenting the city with their own different style.

19. There’s a unique and booming food scene

Manchester’s multicultural character manifests in the brilliant mix of restaurants and food shops available on the famous Curry Mile and sizeable Chinatown. The city’s restaurant scene is growing all the time with some great new menus arriving – it’s an exciting time for Manchester foodies.

20. It has a booming LGBT scene

There’s something for everyone. Colourful bars of Manchester’s flourishing Gay Village sit on the cobbled, waterside Canal Street and are packed out on the weekends by anyone looking for a good night out – everyone’s welcome!

21. You’re only a short trip from the countryside

The edge of the beautiful peak district is barely half an hour away (by train or car) and the rolling hills and villages of quaint old Cheshire are only just past Manchester airport.

22. And even closer to the airport

Manchester airport is super easy and cheap to get to from the city and offers a great variety of cheap flights. You can get to pretty much all countries in Europe directly and, if you fancy something further afield, their international scope is expanding fast with services to the US, Caribbean, Africa and Asia offered.

23. Some of the architecture's just incredible

Although Manchester has undergone big redevelopments, you can still see plenty of traces of the industrial powerhouse it once was. Not one to knock down the old and replace with the new, Manchester does well to preserve its soul and legacy through its architecture.

24. Manchester's heart is in its history

Manchester is regarded as the world’s first industrial city, whose hard-working and spirited population led global production in the 19th Century. This heritage has helped shape the city’s pride and personality.

25. The people

Mancunians are down to earth with a great sense of humour – quick, witty, and don’t miss a trick when it comes to taking the mickey. But they’re an equally friendly, helpful and soulful bunch.

26. It’s one of a kind

It’s difficult to describe but in Manchester you get a unique feeling amongst the people, the architecture, the music, the art, the sport and everything else. Being a bit gritty and rough round the edges brings its own kind of beauty and you definitely feel this is a place people are proud of and proud to call home.

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