21 Photos That Prove Manchester Is The Best City In The World For A Road Trip

Where else would you get it?

Rick Crisp Road Trip

Manchester is a wonderful city - soon-to the fastest growing outside of the South. Sitting in a Valley hugging the Pennines, it attracts people from all walks of life with vastly different interests. And not just football either! In fact last week we looked at 19 Things That Prove There's Much More To Manchester Than Football.

But often when you live somewhere, you just don't make the most of the sights and spectacular architectural nooks and crannies that a tourist passing through naturally would. A talented photographer named Richard Crisp got in touch with Lovin Manchester and with just a few photos, made us fall in love with the city all over again and we couldn't wait to share them...so I've made a list that we can all begin working our way through - to start appreciating this great city of ours.

1. The views overlooking Manchester from Lyme Park make you want to stay here forever.

2. ...and ever

3. There are extraordinary views of The Cage at Lyme Park too - built around 1580, it originated as a hunting lodge British noble women to admire the prowess of their male counterparts as they hunted for stag on the slopes.

4. The interior of Manchester's iconic John Rylands library is about as grand as they come.

5. Dovestones in Oldham could be a scene on a postcard, whether you're seeing it at daybreak...

6. Or Nightfall

7. It's a city that somehow manages to feel intimate and infinite at the same time.

8. The Central Library building, with its strokes of neo-classicism, brings more than a touch of class to the city.

9. It's very close to the stunningly picturesque Torside reservoir (Manchester's little bit of Derbyshire)

10. It's less than an hour's drive outside of Manchester, where the wild Pennines meets the bustling Metropolis - but Torside reservoir and its landscape of heather moorland and timeless rolling farm pastures is more than worth a visit.

11. Let's face it. Some of it is as take-your-breath-away beautiful as the likes of Lake Louise in Canada - and this one's much closer to home.

12. And it's not all natural beauty either...

13. ...but the kind with man-made stop-and-stare creative flair!

14. And the kind that seems to make an abstract social statement.

15. Oh. And the sight of Manchester's Castlefield Canal is enough make the likes of Rosie & Jim (not to mention their narrow-boat named Ragdoll) green with envy.

16. And of course we're the home of MediaCity, nurturing the big news shinies including BBC and ITV.

17. Reddish Vale near Stockport makes you feel like you've fallen right into a scene out of Pride and Prejudice, even though it's so close to the city.

18. Tamevally in Denton is hauntingly beautiful. I mean, so much so it's actually a bit spooky.


19. All goes to show, there's natural beauty all around...

20. Even where you might least expect it...

21. It's the home of Lovin, and we think that's a beautiful thing (not biased at all, obviously.)

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