21 Things That Will Get Us Ridiculously Excited For Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly - and eat yourself into a coma

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Ok, so it's true that Christmas starts encroaching earlier and earlier every year.

And we definitely don't agree with festive ads hitting our screens before Halloween is even over.

But it's officially November and the Grafton Street lights have been switched on, so it's officially ok to start getting excited now.

The build-up to the big man's arrival is easily the best time of year, and here's the list of things that will get us seriously excited as we count down the days.

1. Selection boxes arriving in shops

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2. The fact that it's dark when you get home from work

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3. The horrifically cold weather... and our prayers for snow

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4. The Coca-Cola advert 

5. Christmas shopping

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6. The first old person to say "you'd break your neck out there"

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7. The Christmas lights getting turned on in your town

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8. The tree going up in your house

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9. The star going on the tree

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10. The first time you hear Fairytale of New York

11. When your best friend comes home from Australia by surprise

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12. When the family gets the first tin of sweets

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13. And there's nothing but Bounties the next day...

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14. The office party

14Yaaa Sooo About

15. Buying your Christmas jumper

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16. Ruining your Christmas jumper on the twelve pubs

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17. Six snowflakes has everyone like...

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18. Christmas films on the box



20. The Father Ted Christmas Special. Again.

21. Raiding the presents on Christmas Eve

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