17 Assumptions We All Made About Manchester Before We Actually Moved Here

Is it all pies and piss-ups?

Metrolink Pie

1. It's all pie shops and piss-ups

Which we all know is simply not true...

2. Everyone in Manchester knows one another

Because if you haven't got a ream of anecdotes from your childhood with Noel and Liam Gallagher, who even are you?!

Oasis New

3. Everyone only drinks beers or 'brews'

Ask for a brew elsewhere and they'll direct you to the nearest pharmacist.

Turns out, Manchester has some amazing coffee and cocktail bars too, so for all those brew-hating, beer-hating folk among you thinking this city's just a two-trick pony - shame on you.

4. Football is King

There's no denying this one - if you've not been asked the crucial 'United or City' question yet, then you're probably not in Manchester...

5. And gravy is a close second

Remember the city-wide devastation caused over gravy-gate?

6. It ALWAYS rains

In this case assumption = hard fact

Candle Rain

7. Mancunians are the authority on all things Corrie


While this is true to a certain extent, we mancs also love a bit of Eastenders and Hollyoaks too. After all, life's about balance.

8. The accent is unintelligible

Far from being Lost In Translation, you'll find that the manc accent is actually kind of cute...when you get used the daily blasts of 'ar kid' and so on.



9. Bread is a static concept

Mark it and remember it, this is not the case here. Depending on who you're speaking to, the words 'barm', 'bap' 'roll' or 'bun' could gauge very different reactions...

10. Asking a local for directions is always the safest bet

Facebook Snippet

11. Manchester is among the best nights out in the world

We sometimes can't help but debate it...

12. Northerners are friendlier

13. We mancs love a bargain


And here are 12 photos which prove it.

14. The Northern Quarter is a point of individual pride

And we will defend it to the last:

15. Rivalry between Manchester and London is hyped up

How wrong you were, my dear friends.

16. Everyone has hair like Liam Gallagher

17. The Met is the definition of efficient

Have we mentioned we bloody love you lot?

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