2.6 Million People Do This Embarrassing Thing On Valentines Day

It ain't pretty...

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The most romantic day of the year calls for many of us to go the extra mile and make that extra bit of effort to show their loved one they care but what about if you don't have that significant other? Well if you wanted to send yourself a valentines day card instead, then you wouldnt be alone.

According to research from Royal Mail, a whopping 2.6 million of us in the UK will send a Valentine's Day card to... ourselves. 

Royal Mail spokesperson Mark Street said: "This research shows that written communication remains at the top of the list when it comes to matters of the heart. Taking the time to write down how you feel about someone continues to be the best way to keep the romance in your relationship alive."

18 percent of parents even get involved and post a card to their kids, 67 percent admit that this is due to worries that their children won't receive any, sob. 

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