The 19 Stages of A Girls' Night Out In Your Thirties

You all know the drill...

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1. Show up at the one of the girls’ houses

The closer to town the better.

2. Hug each other like you haven’t seen each other for months

Even though it was probably only a few days ago.

3. Compliment each other

The classic ‘I love your hair’ or ‘have you lost weight!?’ always go down well.

4. Music on, wine poured, makeup brush out

We'll be ready in a couple of hours.

5. Catch up on all the gossip

Usually boy talk or ranting about the annoying girl at work.

6. No one’s booked a taxi yet, so someone agrees to take one for the team

But they won't ring for at least another hour. 

7. Time for a quick selfie

Or 20…

8. Taxi arrives so you quickly down a couple of drinks


9. Get to the club and head straight for the toilets

You literally have to go.

10. Make new best friends while we’re there

You just can’t escape it.

11. Take another selfie

But they always look terrible the next morning.

12. Get the shots in

But you'll regret it in an hour or two...

13. Head to the dance floor

And the squad moves usually make an appearance.

14. Everyone gets a bit emotional

Cue drunk texts.

15. The tidal wave of I love yous come out

‘You’re the best friends ever’ – never has a truer word been said!

16. The shoes get the better of everyone

"Why did we wear them in the first place!?"

17. So you make the 'mutual' decision to go home

I mean, 2am is a good time to leave, right?

18. But you need those chips before bed

Else you'll all feel like death tomorrow.

19. And then everyone collapses in bed 

And usually end up spooning.

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