17 Thoughts We’ve All Had While Dossing In The Office On A Friday

​Is 11:13am too early for lunch?

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Work is work is work – except on a Friday.

Rumour has it, on Fridays, hormones are released into the air that make it impossible to behave, concentrate or get your shit together. 

I wouldn't question it, it's science.


Thank GOD it's Friday. And actually Friday. Not like that on Wednesday when I woke up and thought it was Friday.

Stupid fake Friday.


2. Can't wait to sleep forever tonight

After 24 pints.

200 S

3. Bloody hell, work clothes are rank

Diving headfirst into pyjamas and runners as soon as I'm home.

200 1

4. Wonder how my LinkedIn's looking

That's work, right? It furthers my career, like.

200 3

5. If I'm doing that, I suppose I should start thinking about my whole general wellbeing

*sets Tinder to 2km*

200 2

6. Just definitely not eating my packed lunch today

I work too damn hard. 

200 4

7. Wonder if I could get in the end of First Dates I missed last night?

There's only, like, 27 minutes left.

200 5

8. Is 11:13am too early for lunch?

Friday is the lunchtime of the week, after all.

200 6

9. I swear, if anyone so much as looks at me past 4pm I'm screaming


200 S 1

10. I should probably check my voicemail

No messages? Oh well, onto Facebook.

200 7

11. Still hungry, should probably head to the shop

And buy everyone something. That'll waste some time.

Well, maybe not everyone. Maybe I'll get myself two things.

Giphy 1

12. Now, to work

I should probably get some coffee before I start.

Is that a scone?

200 8

13. I'm knackered, this day must be nearly ove–

12:15? HOW is it only 12:15?!

200 S 2

14. Ah, a meeting

Let's all sit in the good room and make other people say things until the day is done.

200 9

15. Well, that was a sufficient amount of work for today

Only 3 hours 14 minutes and 52 seconds to go. 

I wonder how long I can stay in the bathroom for, without it being weird?

200 10

16. HOW am I hungry AGAIN?

Maybe another scone.


200 11

17. In hindsight, maybe I should have done more work toda..

Boss is letting us off early! GO, GO, GO, GO, GO!

200 12

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