17 Fashion And Beauty Trends That Need To Be Retired ASAP

It’s time to move on


2016 has been a funny old year, bringing Brexit, the loss of too many celebrities and a whole load of bad news. It’s also guilty of producing some of the worst fashion and beauty trends that we’ve seen in recent years. Each to their own, but these are the 17 trends that we want to see the back of ASAP.

1. Floral hair garlands

It was annoying a couple of summers ago when we first spotted floral crowns appearing on the heads of every other girl at summer music festivals. Now it seems that it has somehow become acceptable for floral hair garlands to become an everyday accessory. Unless you’re Swedish and celebrating Midsummer by crafting headpieces from real blooms, it’s time to ditch this oversaturated trend. 

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2. Furry bag accessories 

We can all thank Fendi for introducing the trend of attaching a ridiculously expensive ball of fur to your bags, but this trend was launched over two years ago and those in the know have already given their bag pompoms to their cats to play with. Think to yourself, do you really need a huge fluffy keyring dangling off your bag. Really, it's a hindrance...

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3. Vagina cleavage

How was this ever a ‘thing’? Ever since Italian models Giulia Salemi and Dayane Mello stepped out at the Venice Film Festival in September barely covering their modesty in dresses that took side-splits to new extremes, the high street have been imitating the look and consequently removing the dignity of their customers. There are some areas of our bodies that are supposed to stay private; keep your vagina covered up.

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4. Ripped Jeans

We don’t mind a few authentic rips, but you know a trend has gone too far when you see a pair of jeans that are more rip than fabric. Think about it: do you really want your pasty white winter legs on display, goose bumps and all? 

Ripped Jeans

5. Leggings as Trousers

We’ve had enough of being confronted with camel toes every time we leave the house. Leggings are not trousers. Cover yourself up and layer with an oversized shirt that covers your bum.


6. Exaggerated eyebrows 

We’re all for neat pencilled brows, but we’re completely over the hordes of Cara Delevingne wannabes with OTT eyebrows. As a general rule of thumb, stick to your natural shape, thickness and colour and just use your makeup tools to accentuate, rather than exaggerate

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7. Co-ords

Wearing matching tops and trousers is just lazy dressing whilst making you look like you stepped out of the pages of a catalogue. Embrace individuality, mix things up and style your clothes your own way.

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8. Sporty bomber jackets

We’ve moved on. Give us pretty prints and embellishment over sporty stripes and garish hues. 


9. Off the Shoulder Tops/Dresses       

It’s now too cold to bare our shoulders, let’s keep them covered at least until next spring.

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10. Chunky Jewellery

Is anyone still wearing oversized in-your-face jewellery? Back away your costume jewels, it’s time to embrace subtle and delicate rings and necklaces.

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11. Fringing

Fringing has had its day. You know a trend is on its way out when it reaches a point of mass saturation, as fringing did at this summer’s music festivals where we observed hordes of girls adorned in fringed dresses, fringed bags and fringed suede jackets all at once.

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12. Smoky Eyes

How has a make-up trend that makes you look like you’ve been punched in the eye become so popular? It’s time to learn that when it comes to eye makeup, less is more or to reach for a more precise eye liner and perfect the graphic eye makeup trend this party season. 

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13. Excessively Long Nails

When your nails are so long and pointy that you can’t apply your own eye makeup for fear that you’ll poke yourself in the eye – enough is enough! Short and straight nails are both on-trend and practical; it’s time for an emergency manicure.

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14. Skinny Jeans

What do you mean, you’re still wearing skinny jeans? Finally, our legs can relax and we can breathe out again – skinny jeans are officially off the fashion radar. Stick to straight legged, kick flare or cropped styles as opposed to the super-skinny jeggings that you have to peel your legs into.

Skinny Jeans

15. Temporary Tattoos

We’re all for genuine tattoos (particularly of the small and discreet category), but temporary versions that you buy off the shelf at high street retailers just look tacky. The very worst offenders are metallic fake tattoos – you don’t look like a boho hipster at Burning Man, you just look ridiculous.

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16. Wedge Trainers

When it comes to footwear, you need to make a simple decision: formal or casual. Never shall the two meet – until the advent of the wedge trainer. They aren’t practical (you can’t even run for the bus in a pair) and they certainly aren’t suitable for wearing on a night out, so it’s time to ditch.

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17. Bodysuits

These get a minor plus point because they remove that awkward bulging when you attempt to tuck in your t-shirt, but there is nothing more uncomfortable to wear than a bodysuit. Do yourself a favour and ditch them now in favour of cropped tops that sit just above your waistline. 

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