16 Reasons Why Mancunians Are The Worst People In The World

Avoid them at all costs


Their accents are horrendous

Who could find this attractive? 

It's like they speak another language

"Stop mitherin, yer peckin me ed"....erm, come again?

They've got no sense of humour

This lot are drier than the Sahara.

They've got shit scran

Reeeal tempting cuisine you got there, guys.

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They're devoid of musical talent

Musicians of Mancunia, do yourselves a favour: don't give up the day jobs.

They're abysmal at football

I mean, whose ever heard of Manchester United?

Manchester City who?

I mean, just look at this pathetic display...

They've never produced a writer worth mentioning

Their number one export is pure drivel. 


They can't direct to save their lives

We've never once been invited to the Oscars. 

They've never contributed anything to the world

You think they'd have invented something useful at this stage...


They're stuck in their ways

Never ones for revolutionary thinking...


They're proper thick

We're not well known for our brains...


They can't do nights out to save their lives

Total yawn-fest.

They have terrible fashion sense

Anything but iconic...

They have no sense of community

It's a wonder how we survive..

And finally, at the end of the day, they're just no fun at all

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