13 Of The Most Hilarious Things To Have Happened On Planes

Tweets on a plane

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Air travel can be a stressful affair. Between booking the flights, checking in and waiting at the gate, passengers are required to display an admirable amount of patience and that's all before stepping foot on the bloody plane. 

Which is why any kind of comic relief while up in the air should welcomed with open arms. 

Here are some of our favourite high in the sky moments brought to you by the ever hilarious online global community.


1. A nervous flyer, perhaps?

2. "A glass of your finest red wine and shitloads of bamboo please."

3. "May the odds be ever in your favour..."

4. What a dickhead. 

5. It's the little things.


6. The good old days.

7. "I'll have what she's having..."

8. There's always one.

9. Worth a try?

10. Interesting point...

11. Christ...

12. Hunger strikes...

13. Well?

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