9 Reasons Why Autumn Is The Best Season Of Them All

Summer is overrated...


1. Warm clothes

The light tops and short shorts have well and truly been thrown into the back of the wardrobe once more. Time to dig out those cosy scarves, hats and woolly jumpers.


2. Warm fireplaces

If you're not lucky enough to have one in your house, get down to the nearest pub with such a facility, pull up a seat and have a hot whiskey. 


3. Candles

And there's nothing like filling your home with the scent of 20 candles. 


4. Soups

Coming home from work wet and exhasuted, putting the pjs on and preparing a delicious hot soup.


5. The clocks go back

A free hour's sleep. Best Sunday of the year. 


6. Autumnal walks 

Crunching leaves, cool breeze, fresh air. Bliss.


7. Movie days

Lazing on the couch watching your favourite films and eating takeaway. Neither phone nor door will be answered.


8. Guy Fawkes Night 

Gather round as the sights and sounds of fireworks fill the air while locals congregate around a massive open fire and burn effigies of a man who lived 400 years ago.


9. Manchester Oktoberfest

Beer, beer and more beer. Taking place on Albert Square from October 19th - October 23rd


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James Fenton

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