11 Highly Important Reasons Why Mary Berry Is Your Spirit Animal


You may already know and love the cherub that is Mary Berry. She steals the hearts and tickles the taste buds of bakers and cake lovers alike on The Great British Bake Off. 

But, in case you've been living in a bin for the past few years we've put together a few highly important reasons the gal may actually be your spirit animal.

11. She's knocking on 90 and she's still prime-time TV!

...and she’s always happy to help with your soggy bottom.

10. She’s a loyal lass

After the recent announcement that The Great British Bake Off is being moved to Channel 4 (where there are more adverts and cold hard dosh) it came as no surprise that Mary Berry decided not to go ahead and move over to the dark side.

9. She’s as cute as her cakes

Of course, the majority of her fans had a lot to say in favour of her sticking with the BBC. Her response on her Facebook page was “Overwhelmed by all your lovely comments, thank you so very much x”. A kiss live to the public. You don’t get celebs much sweeter (you can tell she's an ex Girl Guide.)

8. She's a sassy minx

After the great custard thieving incident of Bake Off 2013, Sue Perkins suggested to Berry that the culprit should be “taken into custardy” to which Berry famously retorted “you are a fool.” (with a stare so icy it could freeze hell twice over.)

She’s still incredibly naive though, announcing that she’d “eat a bit of carpet” in the most recent season. Maybe she plans these one liners...

7. She really does have a relatable face

She's an expressive kinda gal - and says just what we're all thinking. Just a few gems:

“It’s 5 minutes to last orders, do you REALLY have to allow a family of 6 in?”


Besides, her famous open-mouthed gawp is the same one I use when I find I've single-handedly demolished last night's XL pizza.


6. She understands the importance of wrist action.

She was talking about whisking. But I know my mother would agree; you can’t fluff up a meringue with a limp-arse stir.

Her constant comments about contestant’s ‘irregular-shaped balls’ or pointing out to one unassuming contestant that ‘your crack is nice and moist’ just feeds our inner child.


Thus proving she's just as human as the rest of us.


4. Her one mission is “to get everyone baking”

Her mission is to take over the world one Viennese whirl at a time. Picture this, instead of voting on Brexit, we vote for Mary Berry’s cookery classes being compulsory on the school curriculum. Problem solved and we still get free medical care when travelling around Europe. 

Okay, I never said your spirit animal was good at politics.

3. She’s 81 but doesn’t look a day over 70

Alright, 11 years isn’t a whole lot of difference when it comes to age but I wonder if she knew that eating so much cake would keep her looking so young and supple. 

Although, she does get away with those epic innuendos and that could very well be because she is still a cute little ol' lady.

2. The woman pulls off floral

A miraculous feat in itself.


1. She’s a class clown

No killer clown reference intended. Remember the Saturday Kitchen prank she played on James Martin with other chefs recently? 

Berry called up asking for advice and stated that she keeps “getting soggy bottoms.”

I can just imagine being sat in her living room with a cup of tea and a Devonshire scone helping prank contestants of The Great British Bake Off. 
“YOU are the tart Candice!”


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