10 Innovative Ways To Make Friends In Manchester

Go on - you can do it


Living in a Manchester is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can be hard to meet new people in a city. Here’s a few ideas to inspire you to get out there and meet some new drinking buddies...

1. Footy

An integral part of Manchester's culture, whether you're a red or a blue - you need to decide a camp immediately. Go see a game, if you can’t get a ticket get to your local boozer on match day. Be sure to swot up before you go so you can impress folk with your top level footy bants.

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2. Teamwork

Take it a step further and do some actual exercise - join a sports team? If football’s not your gig how about netball or hockey? 

Find a list of different sports clubs and teams to join in Manchester right here.

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3. Cycling’s wheely great

Not just for MAMIL’s (middle aged men in lycra) there are lots of different clubs in the city, are you a Roadie or a BMX bandit?

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4. Quiet please

Manchester has 23 fantastic libraries all sat there waiting for you to dive into their rich history and culture. Offering a wide selection of groups including craft, literature, chess, sewing, bridge, local history, and calligraphy - they’re all free (even better!)

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5. Book me in

With a city so renowned for its famous writers and sell-out literary festivals it’s no surprise that there’s a large range of book groups on offer. Once strictly for the literary elite, book groups are now for everyone. 

Science fiction and graphic novels are just some of the niche subjects to choose from.

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6. Running just as fast as you can

Not for the faint-hearted, you’ve seen these guys right? Come rain, wind or snow they’re out there padding the pavement, do you fancy joining them?

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7. You’ll never walk alone

If strenuous exercise seems just a step too far then maybe try a walking group. It’s far easier to chat to potential drinking pals than when you’re out of breath and sweating profusely. Most groups have different levels from easy to strenuous. 

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8. Work it out

No social activities at work? Start some: think outside the box and arrange ‘Mojito Mondays' and gain respect from colleagues by pioneering ‘Fun Fridays’ - give it 110 percent and you'll be rewarded.

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9. Giving is the new black

Manchester is a city that cares about its people. There are plenty of charities and voluntary organisations that you can get involved with and meet fellow kind folks like yourself.

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10. Our best friend the internet

There are some great sites out there to introduce like-minded people such as Social Circle, Drinking Partners, Meet Up, and City Socializer - do some research and see which one might be right for you.

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Good luck!

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