The Top 10 Coolest Offices To Work In In Manchester

Ball pools and office puppies...

Ball Pool1

When you look at the office blocks in central Manchester, it's all too easy to imagine that lurking behind every black door is a sea of grey high school style carpets – you know the type I mean – and beyond every brick wall is just an endless bank of desks.

Well, thankfully some employers have finally ditched the dull meeting rooms and replaced them with ball pools, bean bags and office pups – about time!

Warning: reading on may give you severe office envy!

1. – Quay Street

Some call it the ‘coolest office in Britain’, and we can't blame them! Staff at the International Customer Service Centre at get to eat lunch in the famous Hacienda nightclub every day! 

Well, kind of... I mean, their canteen is decked out with a speaker wall, a VIP area and multi-coloured uplights, as well as having a jukebox which only plays music by Manchester artists. That’s close enough, right? They even have boat-style seating on an indoor lake too. Not exactly a bad way to spend your coffee break!

2. Missguided HQ – Trafford Park

They have a selfie light tunnel. Need I say more!? The online fashion retailer even fitted their offices with ping pong, pool, arcade games, swings, a garden terrace, floating meeting rooms… And the list goes on! It just seems magical. I mean, they have Unicorn Stables! Well, it’s technically a studio, but still…

3. Manc Frank – Portland Street

Hold on, this office has seating areas split into red and blue sides – City vs United? Well, hopefully any disagreements can be resolved after relaxing on a hay bale, coffee in hand, while petting Ziggy Stardust, the office dog. 

Just imagine those puppy dog eyes staring at you from the foot of your desk… Anyway, this consumer PR agency also plastered motivational quotes across the walls and decorated one with an inspiring worker bee mural. 

4. Sedulo – Deansgate

An office with a sweet shop – sounds perfect! And this accountancy firm also has a pool room to make it even better. They have themed areas too, like the ‘Michael Jordan Suite’, which has plenty of sporting memorabilia; the ‘Steve Jobs Suite’, gaming chairs included; and a ‘Walt Disney Suite’ – a dream come true! It even has a fully stocked bar. I should have gone into accounting…


5. Social Chain – Portland Street

A slide with a ball pool – it’s enough to make anyone jealous! But, this marketing agency also has ping pong, Nerf guns and office dogs. Where do I send my application?

Social Chain

6. AutoTrader – First Street

Surprise, it’s full of cars! Including vintage Jaguars and a VW camper van meeting room *inner car nerd squeals*. Packed with pool tables, walls that people can write on and table football, with a ski-lodge area where people can take a break, it doesn't exactly sound like a bad place to work.

Auto Trader

7. Melbourne – Lovell House

This web-hosting firm is based in a dull looking industrial unit. But peek inside and it's a whole different story. It has themed meeting rooms for a start – one is based on comic books, and another is a country house room with a TV showing a real fire. Sounds cosy! 

There’s even an AstroTurf garden where staff can relax, of course with gnomes included. And, best of all, it has a pick ’n’ mix dispenser! 

8. Bright HR – The Peninsula Building

Based on Cloud 9, this people management software company created a Jack and the Beanstalk style area, with a 50ft AstroTurf garden, featuring boulder footstools and leaf-style beanbags. To top it all off, they even have football nets and Nerf guns. Employ me please!

Bright Hr

9. Code Computerlove – Dale Street

Imagine walking through the Northern Quarter and seeing giant pictures of Pac Man and Super Mario in the office windows. Well, that happened. 

Yeah, earlier this year digital product agency Code Computerlove had a window post-it note war with neighbouring creative and digital agency offices. And Glassdoor even shows pictures of their staff having a Mario Kart tournament. Looks like they’re not short of fun here!

Code Computerlove 2

10. BBC North – MediaCityUK

Just look at those wonderful bubble shaped meeting pods! Designed with the form and colour of digital pixels in mind, they add even more light and colour to the open atrium which already floods the building with natural light. It's just so pretty!

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